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Youth and FamilyBriefFebruary 20002/1/2000
Hmong Youth Pride Hluas Hmoob Tsim Nug 2HTN school academic achievement education cultural pride ATOD parenting
Heather Johnson8/13/2014 12:41 PMHeather Johnson
Hmong Youth Pride, or 2HTN, was a program for Hmong youth age 9-12 years that addressed academic achievement, school commitment, cultural pride, parental effectiveness, and ATOD awareness. The evaluation employed a quasi-experimental design.
HQEJ3PRZQXQ2-119-1377 0137708/13/2014 12:46 PMHmong American Partnership 2HTN.pdfHmong American Partnership 2HTNRichard ChaseEvaluationHmong American Partnership 2HTN.pdf1.0