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Sundance Family Foundation
The Sundance Family Foundation partnered with Wilder Research to engage a cohort of youth social entrepreneurship programs in evaluation capacity building and a research study. The evaluation documents the impact of the programs on youth work readiness and social-emotional skills.
Most recent report: March 2018

Safe Harbor
With the support of the Women's Foundation of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Health, Wilder Research evaluated the implementation of the Safe Harbor Law and No Wrong Door model, which address how children who are exploited for commercial sex are treated.
Most recent report: November 2017

Youth Leadership Initiative
The Youth Leadership Initiative is a multicultural program designed to help youth develop strong, effective leadership skills to work in diverse community settings. The program assists youth in learning about themselves, working with others, and engaging in meaningful action.
Most recent report: August 2017

Camp Noah
Camp Noah, a program offered by Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, is a locally hosted event for elementary-age children whose communities have been impacted by disasters such as floods or tornadoes. The evaluation collects information about the impact of camp on campers, families, staff and volunteers, and local communities and explores the way camp is implemented and opportunities to strengthen it.
Most recent report: August 2017

Fostering Futures
Fostering Futures is a statewide initiative in Wisconsin aimed at integrating trauma-informed principles into county-based child welfare agencies and state agencies. The evaluation aimed to capture how teams implemented the initiative and its impact on trauma-informed care systems change.
Most recent report: August 2017

Strengthening Multi-Ethnic Families and Communities Parent Education Program
The Strengthening Multi-Ethnic Families and Communities program is a culturally sensitive parent education course designed to prevent family and community violence, improve parent-child relationships, and promote healthy families. The evaluation gathered data from parents to assess the impact of the program.
Most recent report: July 2017

The Cookie Cart
The Cookie Cart, a youth employment program in North Minneapolis provides quality, paid, first- time employment training for neighborhood teens. Through the retail bakery, youth age 14-17, get hands-on job training and learn basic employment skills such as appropriate work behavior, time management and problem-solving. The multi-year evaluation looks at the effectiveness of the program in helping youth gain employment skills.
Most recent report: February 2017

Creating a Trauma-Informed Organization
Volunteers of America offers thousands of programs across the United States, serving people with a broad range of needs. Many of them have been exposed to trauma. Wilder Research conducted a literature review on best practices in trauma-informed care to help Volunteers of America build a system of supports that helps people successfully cope with trauma.
Most recent report: January 2017

Minnesota's Short-Stayers
The Minnesota Department of Human Services, Child Safety and Permanency Division wanted to gain insight into children placed in out-of-home care for 30 days or less. With support from Casey Family Programs, Wilder Research conducted a study of the “short-stayer” population to paint a clearer picture of these children in the child welfare system.
Most recent report: September 2016

Lifetrack - Families with Young Children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Minnesota
Lifetrack provides Deaf Mentor and Role Model programs for families with deaf or hard of hearing children. This mixed method study examines the kinds of mentoring and supports needed by Minnesota families with young D/HH children and assesses program outcomes.
Most recent report: August 2016

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