Topic: Capacity Building

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Minnesota Historical Society - Native American Artists in Residence Evaluation
Wilder Research assisted the Minnesota Historical Society in developing a culturally responsive evaluation for their Native American Artists in Residence program.
Most recent report: August 2017

Program Evaluation and Research Tips
Fact Sheets and Presentations providing tips on evaluation and research, including data collection and analysis, surveys, logic models, return on investment studies, and more.
Most recent report: October 2016

Trauma-Informed Evaluation
A tip sheet on trauma-informed data collection for evaluation. Incorporating a trauma-informed approach to collecting information from clients serves as universal precaution, ensuring you approach sensitive topics carefully.
Most recent report: October 2016

Wilder Foundation Stakeholder Engagement Survey
The Amherst H. Wilder Foundation surveyed donors, volunteers, and event attendees to learn more about individuals who have a connection with the organization. The results will be used to develop better communication strategies about Foundation programs and services. The technical notes report outlines the tasks completed to develop and implement the survey and presents examples of how the results will be used.
Most recent report: October 2012

Nonprofit Mergers
To help organizations and their funders assess merger as an option, MAP for Nonprofits joined with Wilder Research to conduct a multi-phase study to identify factors that influence merger outcomes and characteristics of successful mergers.
Most recent report: July 2012

Northwest Area Foundation Grantmaking and Leveraging Assessment
The Northwest Area Foundation supports efforts to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable properity in the eight-state region encompassing Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, and Washington. These reports present an assessment of the Foundation's grantmaking activities under a new strategic plan.
Most recent report: February 2012

Knoxville Leadership Foundation Center for Communities
Evaluation of the Foundation's success in building capacity among organizations participating in the Strengthening Communities Fund initiative. The Knoxville Leadership Foundation provided capacity-building assistance and related services to local faith- and community-based organizations to help them address and build capacity, strengthen infrastructure, and address economic recovery needs in their communities.
Most recent report: December 2011

Minnesota Historical Society Visitor Experiences
Wilder Research conducted studies relating to audience experience at the Minnesota History Center in order to gain understanding into visitor demographics, attendance, awareness, motivation and value, as well as to improve the delivery of relevant and enjoyable programming.
Most recent report: July 2011

Communities Empowering Youth - Minneapolis
Evaluation of a collaborative effort focused on strengthening the capacity of youth-serving organizations in the distressed areas of Minneapolis' urban core.
Most recent report: February 2009

Wilder Foundation Strategic Plan
Evaluation reports on the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation's strategic plan.
Most recent report: November 2007

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