Laura Martell Kelly
Laura Martell Kelly
Research Scientist

Laura’s research and evaluation skills include partnering with clients to design evaluations, create logic models, and develop data collection instruments. She is also skilled in conducting evaluation trainings, monitoring data collection, reporting results, and presenting results to varied audiences. Her recent work includes a study of nonprofit mergers for MAP for Nonprofits, the oneMinneapolis indicators report for The Minneapolis Foundation, an evaluation of the Wilder Foundation’s volunteer programs, an assessment of how enrollment in public health programs data can inform outreach efforts to enroll eligible students for the Minneapolis Public Schools, and working with staff from Cummins Power Generation to apply the Six Sigma business process to develop a sustainability plan for the Incredible Years program.

Laura’s research interests include how nonprofit organizations can operate more effectively; how business practices and quality improvement approaches can be applied to the nonprofit sector; and how philanthropic funders make funding decisions, measure the impact of their giving and community involvement, and use the knowledge to inform future activities. Prior to joining Wilder Research in 2000, Laura worked as a researcher and evaluator for the State of Minnesota. She has a master's of public affairs degree in Public Policy and Nonprofit Management from Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs and a bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. In addition to working at Wilder Research, Laura teaches an undergraduate course in Program Evaluation at Metropolitan State University.


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