Julian Kittelson-Aldred
Web Developer


Julian contributes website and application support to a variety of projects, with a particular concentration on the Minnesota Compass website and database. She works directly with Wilder colleagues and external stakeholders to deliver data-driven web solutions.

Before joining Wilder in 2015, Julian worked in higher education – most recently at the University of Minnesota. She’s interested in web accessibility and equity, building efficient content systems, and helping create a better internet through adherence to best practices. She’s also interested in matters of equality and access in the disability community, postsecondary education, and transportation. Julian holds a bachelor’s degree in Justice and Peace Studies from St. Catherine University.

Outside of work, Julian is a happy homebody with a touch of wanderlust. Some of her favorite things to do include starting a new knitting project, making a big meal for her friends and family, riding her bike, and plotting the next trip to her native Montana.