​Frequently Asked Questions
About Twin Cities Mobile Market

1. Where can I find the Twin Cities Mobile Market?

Check our map and schedule for more details and to find a stop near you.

2. What types of food are available?

We offer a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables; dairy items such as milk, eggs, cheese, and yogurt; several varieties of lean meats; and basic dry goods including whole grains, rice, beans, and seasonings. During the growing season, we have seasonal produce from local farmers. Don’t see an item you want? Let us know and we’ll do our best to get it for you.

3. How much does food cost?

Our prices are below market rates, meaning our prices are less than what you see at full-service grocery stores.

4. Who can shop on the Twin Cities Mobile Market?

Everyone! We don’t ask for income level or other types of information. Our goal is to make healthy food as accessible as possible, and that means anyone and everyone can shop on the bus.

5. What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept SNAP/EBT, cash, credit, and debit.

6. Will the mobile market still operate during inclement weather?

We will close if St. Paul Public Schools cancels schools or activities. Otherwise, we’ll do everything we can to maintain our regular schedule.

7. Where does the mobile market purchase its food?

We buy from the Hmong American Farmers Association during the growing season. The rest of the year, we purchase from SunRay Cub Foods (owned by Jerry’s Enterprises) at or near cost, meaning we are able to pass on the savings to our customers.

8. What is the quality of the food?

We don’t purchase “seconds” or food that is about to expire. Our goal is to provide a consistent inventory of high-quality, healthy foods at affordable prices.

9. How is the mobile market funded?

Because we’re subsidizing the cost of food, we depend on grants and donations from organizations and individuals in addition to food sales. Please see our “Partners” page for a list of our supporters.

10. How do I get involved?

Please see our current list of Wilder Foundation volunteer opportunities for ways you can support our work. You can also contribute online here.

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