How the Mobile Market Works

Twin Cities Mobile Market addresses the issues of food deserts and affordability by bringing healthy foods directly to residents at more affordable, below-market rates.
Our goals are to:
  • Increase access to healthy foods
  • Increase consumption of healthy foods
  • Increase knowledge around of healthy eating and food preparation

Access to Healthy Food

Each week, our distinctive green bus pulls up to the same locations at the same time, in areas in which residents lack access to grocery stores. Shoppers board the bus and shop for food just as they would at a grocery store, except the grocery store comes right to their location. Anyone is welcome to shop on the bus, and if a person is not able to board the bus due to a disability, one of our staff or volunteers will personally shop for the customer. Customers can pay using a variety of payment options, including credit, cash, and SNAP/EBT.

Increased Knowledge

Mobile Market staff and partners work to inform, educate, and equip customers with the knowledge and ability to feed themselves and their families with healthy, affordable meals. Through cooking classes and other events, customers can sample different fruits and vegetables and try new, easy recipes provided by Mobile Market staff. Customers can build a knowledge base, comfort level and lasting self-reliance through increased cooking skills.

Health Equity

Many Mobile Market customers experience health inequities as a result of their income, place of residence, race, ethnicity, educational level, and more. While immediate access to healthy food is a positive step for our customers, we know they face health inequities by the mere factor of where they live or their economic status.
Through our efforts with coalitions such as the Metro Area Food Access Network, Northside Fresh Coalition, and the Healthy Kids Coalition, the Mobile Market intends to reduce or eliminate health disparities and make access to affordable, healthy food a continuing reality for people living in food deserts in the Twin Cities.

Join Us

Twin Cities Mobile Market is a community effort; everything we do is informed by our partners and residents of the neighborhoods we serve. If you would like to join us, you can sign up for our mailing list to get news and updates, volunteer with us, or make a gift to support our work.

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