CaregivingNOW: A Network on the Web for Minnesota Caregivers

Caregivers are savvy members of online communities–but where can you go to connect with other caregivers online? We are creating a true community space–an online gathering place – where caregivers can come for humor, connection, information and friendship.
We call it CaregivingNOW.

Why Build an Online Community?

Caregivers are busy. Living full lives themselves and supporting others to live their lives to the fullest. When do you have time to get support for yourself? To sit down for a cup of coffee with a fellow caregiver? Where do you turn when you are up at 3 a.m. in need of advice on what to do next?


CaregivingNOW is an online gathering place for caregivers, open 24/7. It is a space for conversation, questions, and learning. Secure log-in and moderated conversations ensure a safe and welcoming community. If you are a caregiver—son or daughter, spouse, neighbor, coworker, friend —we hope you'll check out CaregivingNOW.

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Join the CaregivingNOW Facebook group at (you must log in to Facebook to view the group page).
CaregivingNOW is a joint effort of the Wilder Foundation, the Metropolitan Caregiver Service Collaborative and the Greater Twin Cities United Way.

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