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Many of us have a vision for our caregiving journey. We have a picture in our minds of the type of care we’d like to provide, where we’d like the people we are caring for to live, and the quality of life we want them to maintain. Making this vision reality requires that we have the resources we need to provide the best care possible.
Below are resources available to you at the Wilder Community Center for Aging in St. Paul. To learn more or to find similar services in your area, call 651-280-CARE (2273) or email caregiving@wilder.org
Find out more about Wilder's caregiving services in our brochure (PDF).  For a PDF version of upcoming events and activities at Wilder Caregiver Serivces, click here.

Caregiver Coaching and Consultation

For more in-depth questions or issues, our highly trained caregiver services team provides comprehensive support tailored to your unique situation. We offer consultation, coaching, comprehensive assessments, in-home visits, better health and well-being. These convenient services are available in-person, over the phone, or via email. Call 651-280-CARE (2273) or email caregiving@wilder.org for more information.

Family Meeting Facilitation

Having disagreements in your family or personal support system is challenging. Are you having trouble bringing up difficult issues within the group? Our caregiver services team facilitates meetings to:
• Promote effective group communication
• Set goals and make decisions
• Plan for the future
• Assist long-distance caregivers
Call 651-280-CARE (2273) or email caregiving@wilder.org for more information.

P.S. I Understand

This program is ideal for caregivers who are unable to attend traditional support groups because of transportation or scheduling issues and who want the opportunity to talk to a peer about their caregiving.
Peers are former caregivers who are at least one year past their caregiving experience. They go through training with Wilder staff to learn more about caregiving and to gain skills to help them develop helpful relationships with current caregivers.  Wilder staff remains connected with both the caregiver and the Peer throughout the process.  Peers provide an invaluable service to caregivers by breaking a caregiver's isolation, and being an empathetic listener.
If you are a caregiver who wants to be matched with a Peer, or if you are a former caregiver searching for a volunteer opportunity, contact us at (651) 280-CARE (2273) or caregiving@wilder.org.

Caregiver Support Groups

Caregiving can often lead to isolation – not only are you busy caring for someone, you can feel like no one else quite understands what you’re going through. Joining a Caregiver Support Group provides a community of support. Hearing others’ stories and sharing your own can help ease stress and provide insights about what has worked for others. Check out our Caregiver Calendar to find dates and times for our support groups. Call 651-280-CARE (2273) or email caregiving@wilder.org for more information.

Caregiver Education

Sometimes becoming a caregiver can feel like starting a new job. And like any new job, the more you know the more confident you will feel. Take advantage of educational opportunities to learn more about the illness of the person you are caring for, understand strategies to communicate with others and ways to manage your emotions during difficult times Check out our Caregiver Calendar to find dates and times for our educational opportunities. Call 651-280-CARE (2273) or email caregiving@wilder.org for more information.


Respite – or time away from your caregiving responsibilities – can come in many forms. It might mean using an Adult Day Health program, hiring a home health care provider, or having a friend or family member stay with the person you are caring for while you do something else. However you arrange for respite, it’s an important ingredient in maintaining balance in your role as a caregiver.
• To find out more about Wilder’s Adult Day Health program, call 651-280-2500. If you live in Minneapolis or Greater Minnesota check out www.MinnesotaHelp.info to find an adult day health program near you.
• Call 651-280-CARE (2273) or email caregiving@wilder.org for more information.

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