Primary Project

Primary Project is a school-based program that helps promote changes in children’s behavior control, task orientation, peer social skills and assertiveness – all predictors of school achievement. Primary Project is considered one of the most successful school-based prevention programs for pre-school through third grade children with social adjustment issues and aggression. Primary Project is a national model that has been evaluated, established and developed by the Children’s Institute in Rochester, New York.


  • Twelve weekly one-on-one sessions with a paraprofessional
  • Expressive Play sessions
  • Specially equipped, multi-sensory play room
  • Supervision and consultation from a licensed mental health provider

How to Access

Available to pre-kindergarten through third grade students at John A. Johnson, Dayton’s Bluff, and St. Paul Music Academy Achievement Plus schools who are experiencing difficulty adjusting to school. Students at risk for school adjustment problems are identified and screened by school staff with parent consent. The school staff partner with the child’s parents and teacher to determine if Primary Project is the most appropriate program for the child.


Primary Project Intake: 651-280-2310.

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