Hlub Zoo

Hlub Zoo is a culturally focused school-based support program for elementary-aged Hmong youth. Hlub Zoo means “grow well, love well.” The intent of the program is to support school success, promote positive cultural and self-identity, and encourage positive behavior and healthy relationships. As a result of Hlub Zoo, Hmong youth will grow in their self-esteem and learn that they are supported as they pursue successful futures.


  • Support services
  • Individual, family, and group counseling and skills training
  • Parental involvement in school
  • Connecting students and their families to community resources
  • Crisis assistance

How to Access

Hlub Zoo is located within Jackson Preparatory Magnet School in Saint Paul. Referrals can be made by parents, school staff and the community on behalf of Hmong youth experiencing difficulty in school or personal relationships.


School-Based Mental Health Intake: 651-325-2766

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