Community School Model

Achievement Plus recognizes that successful academic reform must consider the implications of family and community life on student development. This realization led to the creation of the full-service community schools model, a comprehensive approach to education that involves the neighborhood and local community as key players in the reform process. By soliciting the input of the community during school reform, the full-service community schools model ensures that academic change occurs in a receptive, engaged environment.

Core Components of the Full-Service Community Schools Model

  • Parent and community involvement in the school and in the students’ academic achievement
  • Schools serve as a hub for the community
  • School, families and community partnering to educate children
  • Open to students, families, and community members during and after school, throughout the year
  • Educational opportunities for families and community
  • Array of services for students, their families and community members
  • Combining school and community resources
  • The community as a resource for learning
These facets of the community school are all built around the central feature of Achievement Plus which is an unwavering emphasis on academic success for all students. 

Out of School Learning Opportunities

Out of school learning opportunities are an integral component of Achievement Plus academic reform. After-school activities offer a combination of academic, enrichment, and recreational opportunities for students, ranging from tutoring sessions to lessons in dance. These programs reinforce and expand upon classroom curriculum, strengthening student learning in a fun, safe, and educational environment. Special effort is made to enroll underperforming students, as individualized academic intervention can often meet their needs and prepare them for classroom achievement.

Learning Supports

Achievement Plus recognizes the integral role that families, neighborhoods, and community partners play in the learning process. By providing learning supports that minimize barriers to education and involve the community in the academic process, Achievement Plus ensures that classroom reforms occur in an environment that supports learning at school, at home, and within the community. The term "learning supports" refers to a network of activities, services, and opportunities provided to the local community through the school, designed to improve the welfare of students, families and local residents.

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