Our Program Gets High Marks

The Adult Day Health program at the Wilder Foundation can help your loved one maintain  independence and dignity and give you peace of mind from knowing your loved one is receiving appropriate care. Our approach to adult day services receives high marks from participants and caregivers alike.
In 2011 Wilder Research conducted feedback interviews with 53 clients and caregivers involved with the Adult Day Health program. The results speak to the success of our approach.

What Participants Say

- “It is excellent. I tell them it’s outrageously good for learning and being with others. And everyone is so kind and helpful.”
- “I told a new person: ‘You will really like it here. You get to do things with your hands.’ It’s not good to not do anything. And the fellowship with the people. Staff is wonderful. I joke with them.”
- “I have so much fun here. Your cultural and religious beliefs are respected. If you can’t eat certain foods, it’s very respected. Nurses remind clients to take medications, and they do blood pressure and weight. This place is awesome.
- “Everything we do here, I love it.”
- “I am glad to be here. I wish I had known about this program a long time ago. It’s a fun place. All races and religions are respected. There is so much to do here. And if you are not having a good day, they respect that. God bless this place.”

What Caregivers Say

- “On the day she doesn’t go, the day drags on for her – she is lonely – there is a difference just with that. The day she goes, she is energized and has a lot of fun.”
- “It allows me to go to work.”
- “I can tell when they do dancing, because she is really hyper and she wants to go out. On those dancing days, she strongly relates to it. It helps her.”
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 When Carlton Garner sought day services for his mother, Marie, he struggled to find culturally appropriate care for her. Then he found Wilder's Adult Day Health program. The Garners were featured on "Late Life," the Twin Cities Public Television production.


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