Functional Family Therapy

Functional Family Therapy is a best practice program for adolescents who are difficult to treat due to aggressive, disruptive or defiant behavior. The youth treated in this program are typically adjudicated delinquents in Ramsey County. Over a course of 3-4 months, a therapist provides twelve home-based sessions for the identified youth and their family. The model includes specific protocols and activities for engaging and motivating families to change their behaviors and to sustain these changes in real-life situations.


  • Home-based therapy sessions focused on motivating families and helping them see change is possible
  • Engagement and motivation of the family to reduce negativity and blaming with a shift of focus from the child to the family
  • Behavior change with a plan that focuses on reducing problem behaviors and building relational skills
  • Relapse prevention, referrals to additional community resources as needed

How to Access

Functional Family Therapy is intended for Ramsey County adolescents ages 11-18 who have been traditionally “difficult to treat” due to aggressive, disruptive or defiant behavior. Referrals come through Ramsey County Juvenile Corrections. Services are typically offered in the home, though can be offered in at the Wilder Child Guidance Clinic if requested.


Clinic Intake: 651-280-2310.

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