Wilder OneCare

Wilder OneCare helps you navigate your health care services. With Wilder OneCare you have access to personalized, professional care coordination and resources. There is no cost for this service and no commitment required.

One Stop for Wellness

With Wilder OneCare, you have a single point of service coordination for Medical Assistance services you receive. Your care coordinator will help schedule appointments at your request and will provide options so you can choose health services that are right for you. Wilder has expertise and experience with comprehensive, culturally competent mental health and wellness services.

Wilder OneCare can support children and adults as well as entire families and support systems:

  • We help individuals navigate complex systems such as health care, insurance and public assistance
  • We help parents set up specialist appointments for their children
  • We help families understand long-term care options for themselves or a loved one
  • We identify support and resources to help caregivers maintain their own wellness
Wilder OneCare is a Medical Assistance Behavioral Health Home offered through the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation. To be eligible, you or another member of your family must have Medical Assistance and a qualifying mental health diagnosis.

For more information about Wilder OneCare
call 651-280-2310.


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