Volunteers Help Create a Magical Evening at Wilder Fundraiser

The Wilder Foundation’s new fundraising event, Ordinary Magic, was a complete success thanks to the hard work of 24 dedicated volunteers. Wilder hosted over 400 guests at St. Paul’s Union Depot and raised over $250,000, focusing on our school-based mental health services. Beloved local personality, Jearlyn Steele, served as the evening’s emcee.

A Kofi Success Story

Sonya Carruthers, the mother of a young man who successfully participated in Wilder’s Kofi program, a school-based mental health program geared primarily to African American boys and girls was the night’s speaker. Carruthers spoke of how the program changed her son’s life in the most constructive of ways. “I stand here tonight filled with gratitude. Because of Kofi, my son was able to redirect his anger and become positive. He went from Fs to As in school which gave him a new outlook on himself. He learned that he didn’t have to be tough and angry to be powerful and effective,” she said. “Kofi provided strong role models of African American men Malik wanted to grow up to be like. Kofi also helped me out as a parent and a single mother…I am now confident I am sending out the door a son who has become a real man and who will be able to share his positive presence…”
At the conclusion of Sonya’s speech, a “special giving opportunity” was held to directly benefit Kofi Services, which is observing its 25th anniversary in the St. Paul Public Schools (SPPS). Kofi is currently in 11 St. Paul schools and Wilder offers school-based services in 15 schools.  All other funds raised by the Ordinary Magic event will benefit Wilder more broadly, especially Wilder Programs, which provides early childhood and parent education services, children and adult community mental health, services for older adults, school success programs, and family supportive housing services.

Volunteer Commitment

This outstanding event would not have been possible without your commitment to helping The Wilder Foundation make the St. Paul community a better place to live and work.
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