SPPN Policy Agenda

Public policy plays a critical role in determining future educational and economic outcomes for children and families. Every year, Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood releases a Promise Agenda, which outlines legislative priorities that supports students.

Our 2017 Policy Priorities

  • Goal 1: Establishing a statewide network of comprehensive educational partnerships that emphasize local solutions and result-based accountability to close the education opportunity gap
  • Goal 2: Establish a statewide network of education and housing partnerships that tie Minnesota’s future to the academic success of students through safe stable housing
  • Goal 3: Minnesota maximizes investment in a mixed early childhood delivery system, including early learning scholarships, Child Care Assistant Program (CCAP), Voluntary Pre-K, and Head Start
  • Goal 4: Increase Minnesota Family Investment Program cash assistance by $100 for the first time in 31 years and form commission to improve future MFIP implementation

2016 Public Policy Outcomes

The 2016 legislative session was a full of interesting turns, but thanks to the advocacy efforts of parents and partners lead,  a number of exciting funding outcomes for children and families across our 2016 Policy Agenda 


Goal 1: Support cradle-to-career initiatives across the state of Minnesota and close the education opportunity gap that keeps Minnesota from reaching its full potential.
  • Outcome: $50,000 increase in funding statewide, including $10,000 increase in funding for Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood
Goal 2: Create new early learning scholarships, fully fund Parent Aware, update the Child Care Assistance Program and expand access to high-quality targeted home visiting.
  • Outcome: No additional scholarships; no updates to Child Care Assistance Program; $2 million increase for Parent Aware in 2017; $2 million increase in home visiting in 2017
Goal 3: Dedicated and sustained Head Start funding to serve additional children.
  • Outcome: No additional funding.
Goal 4: Provide funding for universal preschool for between 47,300 and 57,000 4-year-olds to attend preschool.
  • Outcome: A voluntary pre-K pilot will be funded at $25 million in 2017 and $55 million in 2018-19

Family and Community Wrap Around Supports

Goal 1: Families receive a $100/month increase in Minnesota Families Investment Program (MFIP)
  • Outcome: No increase
Goal 2: Increase the size and availability of the Working Family Credit for Minnesota households.
  • Outcome: Increase of $49 million in 2017, $102 million in 2018-19.
Goal 3: Employer-provided paid sick leave for full-time and part-time workers in private and public sectors.
  • Outcome: Passed at city level.

Thank You to Our Parents and Partners

We are grateful to the youth, parents, partners who have influenced the priorities of the Promise Agenda. Special thanks to the SPPN Parent Council and Partnership Council, Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, Aurora Saint Anthony Neighborhood Development Center, Benjamin E. Mays IB World School, Children’s Defense Fund, Community Stabilization Project, Cultural Wellness Center, Education Partnership Fund Coalition members (Every Hand Joined, Growth and Justice, Northfield Promise, Northside Achievement Zone, and Partner for Student Success), HAP, Jackson Elementary, Model Cities. Inc, Maxfield Elementary, Network for the Development of Children of African Descent, Saint Paul City School, Saint Paul Public Schools, YMCA Bell Power Program, and others who have contributed to the time and talent towards strengthening the network of opportunities for our children and families to succeed.  


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