​Our Impact

The Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood is committed to addressing tough issues facing our community, including multi-generational poverty, the education opportunity gap, and other factors that influence a child’s academic outcomes like housing and health issues. With our community partners, we’re focused on implementing solutions to achieve seven population-level results. We know that isolated program-level results are not enough to change the odds for a whole neighborhood of children and their families.

Educational Results

Result 1: Children enter kindergarten ready to succeed in school
  • Goal: Improve readiness for kindergarten
Result 2: Students are proficient in core academic subjects
  • Goal: Improve grade 3 reading scores
Result 3: Students attend stable schools
  • Goal: Improve school attendance and reducing mobility rates
  • Goal: Improve school attendance for highly mobile families
Result 4: Families and community members support learning in SPPN Partner Schools
  • Goal: Increase parent engagement in the educational process of child

Family & Community Results

Result 5: Families live in stable communities
  • Goal: Increase housing stability
Result 6: Children are healthy
  • Goal: Increase healthy eating and access to healthy food
Result 7: Parents and SPPN Partners have the power to influence public decisions that impact their lives
  • Goal: Increase engagement of parents in public decision making processes
  • Goal: Increase engagement of SPPN Partners in public decision making processes
To measure how we’re doing on our goals and results, we partner with leading research and evaluation agencies like Wilder Research and the University of Minnesota’s Center of Applied Research and Educational Improvement. Our rigorous evaluation efforts measure individual data, dosage of support (academic and family wraparound), engagement efforts, change in family interaction with the education system, and academic outcomes for nearly 2,000 children and families in the SPPN network. We collect data to shape and improve our programs, show impact, and share what works in closing the education opportunity gap. 
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