Wilder Center Convening Space FAQ

How many people can the Auditorium hold?

The capacity of each room does vary, depending on the room configuration. Refer to our floor plans for detailed room capacities.

What rental rate do I qualify for?

All registered nonprofits organizations, government agencies and schools qualify for the nonprofit space fees. For-profit corporations are charged according to the for-profit fee schedule. For events that Wilder is actively planning and participating in, a separate fee schedule applies. Please contact the Event Manager with further questions.

Can I get free space?

While we would like to be able to host events at no cost, all of the revenue generated goes directly to support operations of the convening space. Rooms that accomodate 5-14 people are available once per month to nonprofit groups. Contact Event Assistant for booking of these smaller free spaces.

Do you provide catering?

Wilder Center has a licensed commercial kitchen, but does not provide catering. A caterer of your choosing may use this area for staging or food preparation; however Wilder Center is not equipped with cooking facilities.

Can I serve alcohol at my event?

Yes, Wilder does allow outside organizations to serve alcohol on a per event basis. Please read the Wilder Center Alcohol Guidelines or contact the Event Manager for more information.

Does Wilder have Wi-Fi?

Yes, please follow the Wi-Fi connectivity instructions

What about A/V?

Yes, Wilder Staff sets up all projectors, laptops, microphones and conference phones, for external customers at no additional cost.

Does Wilder have a stage, hightop tables or linens?

No, Wilder has 60" round tables, podium, 5' x 2' rectangle tables and chairs. Any other furniture or linens will need to be rented. 

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