Shannon Institute Program Features


Participants go through the Shannon Leadership Institute as a part of a cohort of around 20 people. Each cohort stays together for the full length of the program, allowing relationships between cohort members to deepen over time. Staying together as a cohort helps to create the trust necessary for participants to do the deeply personal work of considering and acting on their values.
Cohorts are constructed to be intentionally diverse in a variety of respects: sector, experience, race, gender, and so on. Participants draw on the diversity of perspectives and experiences that their cohorts offer as they do the deep work of personal reflection and development.


Participants work with a variety of facilitators, including Shannon alumni, staff, and consultants. Each cohort works closely with a lead facilitator who stays with them throughout the year and is their primary point of contact with the Shannon Institute. Our lead facilitators are Ronnie Brooks (founder of the Shannon Institute), Paul Robinson (former director of the Shannon Institute), and Damon Shoholm (current director of the Shannon Institute). 
Shannon alumni often report that the relationship they create with their facilitator is one of the most important elements of their Shannon experience. ShannonFacilitators5-15.jpg
Shannon facilitators (l to r): Ronnie Brooks, Paul Robinson, and Damon Shoholm.

Immersive Retreats

Shannon cohorts spend time together away from their daily lives, giving them space and time to focus on themselves, their values, and their goals. The immersive nature of these retreats helps participants to “embrace the pause” that they create for themselves as they go through the Shannon Institute. 
Participants in the quarterly program go on four retreats together throughout the year; bi-monthly program participants go on two retreats and gather as a group four additional times between those retreats. 

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