Shannon Institute Alumni

Shannon Institute alumni come from many sectors and communities, both in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region and around the country.
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Alumni in the News

Alumni Testimonials

"I wanted to take a moment and personally thank you for the amazing experience I had last year with the Shannon Institute. The after effects of the four retreats are still occurring to me, but I can guarantee that they all had a profound effect on my attitude toward my work as a teacher and artist."
Dr. Stephen Rupsch
St. Norbert College
“I realize when I describe this to others that it may sound ‘touchy feely’ or a lot of talk with no tangible result. Far from it. Had the program been more attuned to traditional career planning, it may have been useful in identifying the next job or position. But this program—like good long-range planning—focused on identifying the context in which future decisions would be made: it was less about the next job than about the next step in keeping my life on track.
Many in my program are still in the same positions, while others have departed for new ones. But all of us without exception experienced a recommitment to a set of greater goals than when we had entered: all of us experienced a resurgence of energy, optimism, and dedication; all of us felt clearer and better able to forestall burnout or despair than when we had entered …. By deepening the commitment of nonprofit leaders, by re-energizing the all-too-overtaxed in the field, by identifying and re-establishing the connection between core values and occupation, this program presents a much needed—desperately needed—long term investment in the nonprofit arena.”
Ben Cameron
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
“The Shannon leadership renewal program was of tremendous benefit to me. The course provoked important self-examination and simultaneously fostered a renewed commitment to the importance of community and service.”
Fiona McCrae
Graywolf Press

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