​What Is REASN?


The Racial Equity Action Support Network (REASN) brings together racial equity champions and advocates from community, nonprofit, and government organizations across Minnesota, providing them a space:
  1. For support in doing the challenging work of creating racial equity
  2. To strategically advance new thinking and action in their work.
Minnesota has the worst racial disparities in the nation – disparities that threaten our economic vitality and future prosperity. This interdisciplinary network serves as a space to foster meaningful and reflective conversations about the assumptions and norms that prevent progress.

What Are Our Goals?

Achieving racial equity in Minnesota is our long-term goal. Currently we are working towards that shared goal by:
1. Creating a supportive space for cross-pollination, shared learning and co-creating solutions by increasing connection and collaboration among those at the leading-edge of racial equity work.
2. Crafting a vision for systems transformation by surfacing the assumptions and norms that are perpetuating inequity and identifying new norms to work towards together.
3. Developing a repository of "what works," successful systems change practices, generated by racial equity leaders in Minnesota.
4. Integrating new learning into practice and identify coaching strategies to assist others in learning and shifting perspectives and behaviors.

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Kirsten Johnson kirsten.johnson@wilder.org 

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