​Past Community Initiatives

The work of Community Initiatives changes with the needs of our communities. Our recent initiatives have included Capacity to Care and the Trauma-Informed Innovation Lab.

Capacity to Care


Capacity to Care was a community initiative designed to build the capacity of family, friend and community caregivers. The initiative’s initial goal was to raise awareness and increase caregiver self-identification and the capacity of family, friend and community caregivers. As few as 19% of the 500,000 Minnesotans providing care to a loved one identify as a caregiver.
The Capacity to Care initiative included:
  • Comprehensive public awareness campaign–www.caregivinglink.org–designed to increase caregiver identification
  • Caregiving in Context research study, designed to promote a better understanding of the informal networks of support that surround caregivers
  • Pilot projects designed to strengthen existing informal networks of support for caregivers or connect caregivers to new networks of support​


Find out how Wilder's Caregiving Services transformed in response to the need for caregiving support in Minnesota.

Trauma-Informed Innovation Lab

Wilder was a collaborative member of the Trauma-Informed Innovation lab, a community initiative that was active in spring 2014. The initiative sought to assess the needs and opportunities for a collaborative effort to align and enhance trauma-informed work across Minnesota in ways that are both evidence-based and practice-based. The initiative builds upon mental health theory and technical knowledge of trauma-informed care to support adaptive application that effectively integrates trauma-informed approaches into the cultures of our organizations and communities.

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