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​Immigrants Speak Out, Organizations Respond
Speaking for OurselvesMinnesota’s late Senator Paul Wellstone used to say, “We all do better when we all do better!” Here at Wilder Research we work to ensure that “we all do better” by conducting research to better understand how to promote equity and well-being for all people. I recently was part of the research team to learn more about the growing and diverse immigrant and refugee communities living in the Twin Cities. The study, Speaking for Ourselves, asks five different immigrant communities in the Twin Cities what issues are important to them. Wilder Research held an Action Summit in April 2016 with the goal of sharing innovative strategies to address the issues participants identified in the study. Panelists from organizations and government agencies shared their work related...
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P.S. I Understand: Caregiver Peer Support
Parichay Rudina​My mom was a long distance caregiver for my grandmother, who was diagnosed with dementia. My aunt was her primary caregiver. It was a situation that was difficult for everyone in my family. My aunt was overwhelmed and exhausted, and my mom wanted to do whatever she could from a distance. They both could have used some extra support from someone who understood just what they were going through. I can imagine my mom picking up the phone to talk with someone who had been a long distance caregiver and describing what it was like to be in this position. I can imagine a simple but reassuring “uh-huh” coming from the other person, and my mom feeling heard and understood.This is the kind of support...
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Reflections on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Nona Ferguson​I had an opportunity to attend the local General Mills Foundation/United Negro College Fund annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Breakfast with colleagues from the Wilder Foundation. The keynote speaker, Donna Brazile, was amazing. I was anticipating a great speech that would motivate, encourage and spring me forward into action, and she did not disappoint. Her story of becoming a servant leader was compelling because she reminded me that we can all serve, even children. Her call to serve came at an early age, roughly age 8 or 9, as a direct response to the death of Dr. King. She began to register voters as her first act of service. Since hearing her speak, I have reflected on her challenge that we can all...
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To Walk or Not to Walk?
The Wilder Team at the Walk to End Alzheimer'sA great question! Getting up at 6 am on Saturday to Walk to End Alzheimer's sounded like a great idea when it was several weeks away but the morning of, with no coffee in hand, I questioned my sanity. As I took the light rail towards Target Field to meet the rest of the Wilder Team, I remember reflecting on the beauty outside the window as the train sped through the city and pondering the day's meaning.   We were walking for those who couldn't. For those whose voice couldn't be heard. Standing up for those who were fearful of the diagnosis and fearful of where their road could lead. It had suddenly turned into a great morning, coffee or not. To be in Target Field...
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Volunteer Impact: In Her Own Words
Nekey Oliver​My role as a volunteer in the Child Guidance Clinic (CGC) is to be a welcoming companion to the youth in the waiting area. We play, read, talk and listen to kids as they wait for their appointments. I look after siblings of our clients so that parents/guardians can be fully present when they meet with their child's therapists. My time thus far at CGC has been very rewarding! The children are full of wonder and joy. It is fun to see them come out of their shells and be themselves. One day, a 5-year-old girl was waiting with her dad while her older sister was being seen. To pass the time, we colored, read, and played together. Her dad welcomed the chance to relax and...
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