Wilder Center Features

Green Features

Wilder Center is designed to infuse cutting-edge strategies in sustainable construction and site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality. Wilder Center has set a new standard of sustainability for human service organizations as it works toward achieving Gold level Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

Site History

Wilder Center is located in the southwest corner of University Avenue and Lexington Parkway; the former site of Lexington Park, the home of the original Saint Paul Saints baseball team from 1897 to 1956. Civil engineers pin-pointed the exact spot of the original home plate -- near the north entrance of Wilder Center.
A commemorative brass plate marks the location of home plate as a reminder to employees and visitors of the site's rich history. A grass pitcher's mound is also featured in the backyard as an additional tribute to celebrate the site's history.


Staff, clients and visitors have access to the Backyard during normal business hours. Visible through the lobby, this strong visual and physical connection between the indoors and outdoors reinforces the concept of human connectivity to the broader environment. The Auditorium opens directly into the Backyard, making it a convenient breakout area with seasonal outdoor seating. The Backyard is designed with open grass areas and native and adapted plants to reduce water use and create a habitat for birds and butterflies.

Convening Space

Wilder Center offers a 285-seat auditorium and additional facilities for smaller meetings. One of the primary design goals for Wilder Center was to develop a hub for community engagement, where individuals and organizations could come together to work on issues facing the community.

Wilder Family Signatures

When walking into Wilder Center, you can see signatures engraved into the pillars between the parking area and the main entrance. These signatures belong to the organization's founders. The Wilder family's presence is permanently etched into the physical structure of Wilder Center as a constant reminder of their vision and generosity.

The Tower

Wilder Center features an illuminated tower designed to enhance the visibility of the building at night. The Wilder Center tower, lit from within, can display an infinite number of color combinations and transitions. The artistic light display captures the spirit of Wilder's role as a safe harbor in the community.

Employee Bike Locker/Storage

Wilder Center's parking ramp offers employees secure bike locker/storage for up to ten bicycles. Wilder Center also offers shower facilities for employees using 'pedal power' to get to work. In addition, there are bike racks at both building entrances for clients and visitors to use. Wilder Center also offers preferred parking for fuel efficient vehicles.

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